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Thread: Lost fully cultivated general

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    Lost fully cultivated general

    Reposting as my initial post seems to have been ignored / forgotten about.

    Hi James, Iíve had an absolute nightmare and bit of a long shot but really hoping you can help. I was just reviewing my generals and had my kid (heís 3 years old) sitting on my lap, my girlfriend shouted me and I turned my head to respond to her and while Iíve been looking away shouting to the other room. Somehow my kid has started pressing random stuff on my screen and dismissed my General!!! It was a fully cultivated and Enhanced Li Shimin. Like I say, I know itís a long shot because I didnít lose it because of a glitch or anything wrong on your side. But I am a long standing player who has put a lot into the game so would really appreciate if you can help!

    My user ID for you to check my account is : 11463846

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    Dear Liege
    We cannot rollback the general for you. Please tell us how many/much items it needs to train your general back and then I will ask our supervisor and see if we could re-send those items to you. But as you know we will not take full responsibility that we will only send you part of the items. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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