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Thread: Why am I being ignored?

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    Why am I being ignored?

    Hi I have send a few messages in here and even bumped my issues but yet no reply. Iím still stuck on the loading screen when I uninstalled the game and then reinstalled it it went into my game saying I need to restart because there is new updates when I then restart it then get stuck on the loading screen. I also had a problem with my world map I couldnít get onto world map at all now I canít get back onto the game itís been weeks now when can I expect to get help back into my game ??? I had a problem with my game since it 1st big update . I play on an iPhone 6 and I have iOS 12 . My user Id is 16951342 . Pls get my game working! Because of this I lost troops and all my blue subs not because of me but because ur game is broken or has a bug.

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    Dear Liege
    Do you mean this thread please? I replied it on 6th and you didn't follow up. And if you say that it's iOS 12, you didn't start a new thread or bump your exsisting thread.

    I also replied these threads.

    Best Regards

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    Dear Liege
    And our developer asked for a screenshot on where it stuck so that we could know where went wrong.

    Best Regards

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