Come on guys itís been weeks and I canít play my game fix ur bugs there was no problems with the game till it very 1st update then I get on and u guys release another update just to get me stuck on the loading screen again itís not my phone itís Your game. So I canít grow i lose subs and troops , rss aswell and I just have to be patient and say ok cool.Iím not the only one with a problem with the app . How bout u guys go back to the older version the one before ur 1st new update then fix ur bugs and bring out the update again. Being told to try other devices well that just to work for me Iím not gonna play on my childís phone well then again I loaded it on my sons phone guess what same result and my iPad same result so yes u guys have s problem if new users canít get passed the loading screen u not going to get new players . And if old players canít get on u gonna lose players. This is frustrating and not funny at all. How are u guys going to compensate us players that canít get on thatís not able to compete in battlefield, not able to grow , cant compete in svs , or even the event. Oh and are u gonna give u back our subs , troops and rss lost ? Whoís gonna bubble my city ? I canít . Pls fix ur bugs already.