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Thread: Account suspended

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    Account suspended

    Please unlock my account jolleane🎵

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    Jolleane🎵 in s81, account ID 17769052, i dont know why i got locked

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    Dear Liege
    The account was closed for selling resources to other players and it's a permanent close. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Iím not selling rss. Please check it more carefully. See my whisper chat. I ever refused a guy called maverick or ironman who want to pay me money. He borrowed my rss but cannot return it back and want to pay me with his money but i refused to accept. Please check my whisper chat. Iím not selling rss. I know evony rules. Dont misjudge people thats slendering me and it hurts me 😖

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    There is a proof in ny whisper chat with maverick/ironman. He wanted to pay me with money but i said to him he borrowed rss should give back rss too. I refused his money. If i sell rss i already accept his money. I only trade rss with stamina once, lend to maverick once, and helped my best friend for free. Only that. Please investigate this. Its really not fair for me.

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    Jolleanne didnít sell rss only traded, very nice player and wouldnít break rules. Please really look into this matter as youíve suspended a player for doing nothing wrong. Trading rss that youíve gathered for stamina or ports is not the same ass selling for money

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    Dear Liege
    Please try appeal using our in-game support system. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Ok, iíll try to keep contacting in game support but please tell them to reply me faster. Thanks

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