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    Bubble issue

    Hi James yesterday I used a 3 day truce not long after BAttlefiend. However when I logged in this morning all my resource been gone and troops are dead and in hospital .. for some reason the truce didnít dropped early. Yeasterday I was out of 24 and 8hour bubble after attacking so I bought a a 3 day truce agreement used it and lucky for me I posted to show friends Iím safe and sent off my troops to alliance members city to protect the food and then went off to bed.. anyways I used a bubble and it didnít last the 3 days Iíve lost troops and resources plus subs too.. I donít think this is fair and would someone to look into it .. I know there is nothing you can do about subs but I wants my troops and resource back . This shouldnít be my fault .. attached you will find , announcement, and scout report of what I lost.. plz look into this
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