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Thread: Customer Support Wonít respond

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    Customer Support Wonít respond

    Has anyone else experienced customer support just deleting the tickets in hopes that you will just go away? Itís kind of sad that when you have a legit issue they refuse to look into it or help you but yet others can joking say they will give a 5 Star review and then receive RSSís while you sit there and wait for weeks for them to address your legit issue.

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    I had an issue with the last server wars and their response to fixing the issue is for me to rate them 5 stars to get 5 million of all resources. Both Vicky ans Sergey from the in-game customer service blackmail players into getting a 5 star review. Getting 5 million of all rss, did not fix the glitch that kept me from rank 4th of svs, which kept me from earning over 50k more gems and way more resources inreturn since our server won the war.

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    Imagine that, 5 days in a row of putting in a ticket only to have the just delete it and not respond. I guess just ignoring issues will make it go away. Maybe if they actually did their job they wouldnít have to bribe people to get good reviews

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