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Thread: Server war bug

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    Server war bug

    Hi, server war just ended and I hit someone from the enemy server last-minute. I got a battlereport, but my points weren’t added to my score and the troops that died in that report aren’t revivable.

    With those points added, I would’ve gotten 2nd place and thus the ares wings! It’s only fair I get what I should’ve with those points added and that I should be able to revive the lost troops!

    My player ID is: 15028555 and it happened at the end of tonight’s serverwars (Wednesday August 8 for me).

    Please fix this. There’s no way I can hit someone from another server outside of serverwars, so those points should’ve counted, my troops should’ve been revivable and I should’ve gotten the rewards according to my total score (including the last hit). I think the guy that took the hit, would appreciate the same thing.

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