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Thread: Customer Service tickets deleted

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    Customer Service tickets deleted

    I was reinforcing the throne approximately 3 weeks ago. My city was being attacked, I recalled, used gems to speed up and before I could bubble, was kicked from the game. Emailed customer service, they acknowledged I was kicked from the game and provided me with 30 million RSS. Unfortunately I lost 500k Calvary troops. I replied back asking for customer service to look into this further and my tickets continue to be deleted. I have submitted a customer service ticket everyday for 3 weeks and no response. Just deleted. I finally started asking for the physical address to your legal department and still deleted. Iíve spent thousands on this game and the lack of customer service is very frustrating.

    Player ID19518954

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    Dear Liege
    We are so sorry that it was our supervisor's decision that we cannot override the decision, neither we have the access to send compensation. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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