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Thread: T12 vs T11

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    T12 vs T11

    I would like to know in comparison to t10 how much stronger are t11 and t12. The higher the tier level the stronger the troop so if your using t11 troops would you be able to take on players with t12? Can t11 killt12? How much stronger are t12 are they worth getting? Is it worth attacking t12 using t11 do you even stand a chance ? Tier level troops do they make any difference? T12 are they in theory 12x t1 so a t11 would be like 11 xt1? Please help

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    The main factor to win or lose is the tech. When the person with t12 has really good tech and you donít. You will definitely lose. When itís the otherway around you got a much bigger chance to win. I have seen a lot of k30ís (t12) lose against a k28 (t11). But there isnít a specific amount you need

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    Not according to evony... I’m full researched military with a general 2.7mill in power full dragon gear attacked with 560kt12 (120k ground , 220k archers and 220k mounts ) with gold generals on sub 6 with debuff. -20hp and 10 attack for archers and - 20 hp, def and 10 attack for ground ) attacked a keep with 1.7 mill general on wall no debuff general white sub gen are basics defending troop 500k t11 archers and 135 k t10 mounts. And t12 lost t11 still had half of his troops .. how can that be? I’ve attacked ppl with 3 times more troops and still win .. but not after the battlefield update .. this is a joke support won’t reply.. the report is correct if the defender was using it 12 but he isn’t that is the problem. If t11 are stronger than why upgrade 135k t10 can not stand and defend enough rounds.. just want a response to why such a huge difference b4 and after update is it a fault seeing they claim nothing has changed

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