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Thread: Since the last update...

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    Since the last update...

    Since the last major update, has anyone had problems with:

    -Gathering resources from the warehouse and it causing a temporary disconnect from the network?

    -The LAG, most noticeably in the academy?

    Has anyone else noticed any other problems, since said update?

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    after the update, I cannot use Facebook account and Google to login. after updating the account cannot switch. account overlaps

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    Yes almost every time I click on warehouse, sent a mail, they need to fix that crap, thought it was only by me

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    Switching accounts does not work. all it does it link the current account to the google or fb login for the account you are trying to switch to. Tried to help a team mate retrieve a lost account and the switch did not work. Customer service said it is because we are in different countries(he is in Scotland, I am in the US) this is total bs!!

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