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Thread: Evony RC

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    How do you attach screenshots?

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    And no log in on 1910 since the 27th because you asked me NOT TO!

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    Go to advanced and click on the paper clip

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    And James, I haven't been logged into 1910 since the 27th because you asked me NOT TO.. I have done everything that has been asked of me, provided proof that it was indeed my account, on more than one occasion, the screenshots are attached... I liked playing with my alliance. Loved building that account.. Why is someone else now able to enjoy it???

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    Why has someone started being able to use my Account? 1109? I am so confused... They've gone and changed the name. Still, same problem.

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    Vipocrite - Account 1109 is MINE.... How do you all let someone from there use it? Isn't that like stealing? I'd like to speak with someone with higher authority please.

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    You do see that whoever has my account now, has even changed the damn name... 1109 was the one given to me by invitation.. You do understand that correct??? I am telling You, that's not me playing in my account... So why are you just letting someone take it from me?

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    Are you people for real? You get caught doing something and block me as punishment?????

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    Why are you screening my posts? I am not cursing.. I am asking questions, trying to figure out how you could let this happen.. Blocking my posts has only pissed me off...

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    Dear Liege
    I am sorry. We cannot help in this kind of situations. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    James, I need link Evony RC

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    [QUOTE=sClaus | D1NO;136677]
    Quote Originally Posted by James0222 View Post

    James, I need link Evony RC
    Dear Liege
    Please start your own thread. Because much work is needed to retrieve the RC account. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mjlofblack View Post
    How do I get an invite code
    Dear Liege
    You could tell us your user id number and then we will our developers and see we could send you an invite code. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    James please can you bubble our accounts we can't get into game

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