I see you have deleted the ongoing conversation we had. Again, Iím not giving in on this. I have spent over $100,000 on this game. Enough to have bought me a new home. I want my 736 DAYS of speeds back I lost. In case a new person gets this Iíll explain again. I was using my 3 day speeds to speed my in city sub. I had sped it way up and was several buildings complete when the little red WiFi signal thing popped up on the screen and took me back many buildings which equals many days of speeds and the game DID NOT return my 3 day speeds. I took some pics and have proof of this. Last person (Ross) replied 1 time. This canít happen just speed it again basically telling me I am crazy. I am not crazy I know my account forwards and backwards. Biggest account on server 39. I did not get here by being crazy. I want my 736 days of speeds back. Again, that is 736 DAYS not hours. It really upsets me that you or he would delete the ongoing conversation especially when I would say hello or something every couple days to let him know I was still waiting to recoup my lost speeds. Please get this to someone that can help. This has been going on for 2 weeks now. I am going to take this to the forum room and or higher for proper response if you wonít help make things right.
This is what I just posted in the game support room. Please help.