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    i have complained to customer support numerous times, others have complained about this player....nothing is done about it and it needs to stop. this player clearly violates your code of conduct and when i bring his offensive behavior to cs, iím told just to block him.

    That doesnít prevent him from making illicit sexual comments about me and threatening physical violence against me. iíve blocked him i donít respond to him but he wonít stop.

    iíve attached screen shots of the types of stuff he says. Because he knows i have him blocked, he makes multiple random accounts to harass me. This has been going on for months and it is only escalating, please make it stop.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    additional information about the on going harassment

    here are some additional screenshots of what has been occurring as well as other peopleís concerns about itClick image for larger version. 

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    Dear Liege
    We are sorry for what you have experieced. Our supervisor suggests that you just blacklist the person. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Again, so he is allowed to say things like this in wc? that is acceptable?

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    don’t tell me your sorry i am experiencing this when you refuse to do anything to prevent it... when is sexual harassment of women acceptable? when is threatening physical violence against someone in real life acceptable?

    what does it cost to not be sexually harassed? what’s the price of the “me too”pack i need to buy?

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