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    Lost account

    Hi, I recently had to restart and refresh my iPhone. My account was linked to it. When I reinstalled Evony my account was gone. I wrote a support email and created a support ticket but itís been more than 24 hrs and I havenít gotten a response. Please help! The account lost is 25174095. Name ->Athos<- on server 55. The new account that Iím in now is 50091200 on server 327. I created a support ticket on that account. PLEASE HELP SOON!

    Thank you

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    Dear, your account 25174095 is linked to a Google account. You could try to switch the account first. Try setting, account, switch account and choose google.

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    Hi, Iím using an iPhone now and thatís not an option.

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    The issue is resolved. Used another phone. Thank you!

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    Dear, you could try to link your account to Facebook. Then you could login your account iPhone using the Facebook account.

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