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Thread: A New Battlefield is Coming - Battlefield 2 Guagamela Preview 1

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    They allow cheaters in game on all servers and they steal from us rewards.

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    There is no customer service. It is all computer generated replies that more times then not request video of something past. Customer service does nothing.

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    Hi friends. I have a question ... I have a game account on Twitch. I was advised from someone a one great site for promoting an account, did someone use it or maybe some know about?

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    Salam evony...
    Saya sedang ada masalah tidak bisa menggunakan akun dengan id yang pertama. adakah yang bisa membantu saya...?

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    Cum pot recupera contul meu de lvl8

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    Really no matter if someone doesn't be aware of after that its up to other users that they will help, so here it takes place 카지노사이트추천

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    I was really enjoying this new random loot server and now all of a sudden the server is down, the discord link no longer works and im no longer in the discord that did exist. I know I nothing wrong as i dont even use MQ2 on emulated servers. Would love more information on what happened as i would like to continue playing here.

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    Apologies if this is asked and answered elsewhere.
    Or if its just a spurious rumor.

    But have been trying to recruit for a game here, and someone told me that this site is either A not taking new members, or B it still takes months to get approved?

    Is any of this true?

    I have dreams of this site regaining its former glory, but if this sort of issue is live...

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