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    Source of Life

    I understanding using source of life to revive dead troops during svs, and there is additional research you can do in the academy to increase the amount of troops in a batch to revive. My question is- where can I find the base stats, or what are the base stats for sol? Is it based on actual troop amounts, or troop power? Meaning you can revive more t1 in one batch than t12. Does it depend on hospital level? Keep level? The research adds a %, but that doesnít help me since I canít seek to find the base information that % applies to. Can anyone help with this or provide any info/feedback?

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    Dear Liege
    Source of Life is a paid item that there will be no researches for it. It depends on the power of each of your troop type compared to the over power of the died troops. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    It revives 150,000 power worth of troops, the research increases that amount by %.

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    light of the server war is the research that increases the power you can revive, but it only increases the amount of power your able to heal not the source of life needed to heal. source of lifes only heal x amount of power each.

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