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Thread: Golem 3

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    Golem 3

    i need someone to explain to me why i am able to kill a golem 2 and have zero wounded, with no additional buffs for march, attack, defense, or hp, approximately 750k t12 troops, however, when i attempt to kill a golem 3, which shows as “medium” with a full march of 1.1m t12 troops, 20% attack, defense, and hp buff, i am defeated.

    i send more power than the boss monster and fail, yet other boss monsters, including a level 11; i can send less power and win with zero losses?

    this makes absolutely no sense and appears to be some sort of error or glitch in the program.

    others have suggested that i need to send 750k+ of purely t12 calvs, which is obtuse. I can understand that a given boss monster has a particular weakness against a specific type of troop but to have that boss monster to be practically invincible against the other troop types is insane, especially when those troop types work just fine on it one level removed.

    is this actually how evony intends for the game to work? or is this some sort of fluke?

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    Your understanding of battle mechanics is flawed. Message me and I will explain.

    In a nutshell the reason you 0 loss a boss is your attack is high enough to kill it in 1 round BEFORE it deals damage to you..cav work best on ALL bosses because of can find the attack required to kill a boss dont think of it in troops think of it as attack and then you will undeestand

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