This is getting beyond absurd. I am repeatedly muted from speaking in wc for days on end and absolutely NO response from CS on why I was muted, how long I am to be punished for.

It is ridiculous that I can be denied access to wc for unreasonably prolonged periods without so much as a response from CS.

I will be happy to provide screenshots showing this lack of response but I imagine your system administrator is capable of looking those up.

I know I have not violated any of evonys terms of service or code of conduct.. This is completely unacceptable and for as much money as I spend on this game, I should at least be given the respect to know what I allegedly did and for how long this punishment will be imposed.

my monarch id is 18551950.

Perhaps ebony would prefer the 1000-1500 I spend a month to start going to their competitors due to excessive and unfair discrimination.