During the last server war I lost 558k troops while porting home. As I understand it the attack that claims the lose is invalid.

I set my troops in rallies when I ported into the enemy server. Those rallies werenít set to launch until after the war ended. By my understanding troops in rallies are safe and this has been proven by previously testing the theory. With less then a minute to go in combat a player started attacking repeatedly. It takes 10 attacks to force port a keep and return troops. So please explain how on the 9th attack which the report shows hit 30 seconds after combat ended managed to kill all my troops. And these troops not only arenít in the revive que but not the hospital.

By the rules you have in information for server war this can not happen. The required number of hits to return troops was not reached my walls didnít crumble and as he wasnít a player from my server he shouldnít have been able to hit me at all.

Iíve contacted in game customer support but have received a msg that they kinda donít understand my problem.

In short there are 558k troops missing that shouldnít be. And Iím owed them back.