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Thread: Is this player glitching?

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    Is this player glitching?

    See the attached 4 photographs. Roadrunner has claimed in whisper as he attempted to sell his account he has a glitch specifically to generate resource and gems automatically.

    We rallied him 5/6 days ago (mechanical post previously posted) and less than a week later he has rebuilt 2m more tier 12 and extras. That is a 20bn resource commitment to troops. Making 4bn resource average a day is highly unlikely. So we as a server want to know, is he spending enough to justify his coining buying resource.
    A $99.99 gem pack potentially buys 550m resource on an ideal black market spin. Or the $99.99 resource pack supplying 450m resource would require somewhere in the region of 40 purchased packs in the last week.

    These numbers almost suggest that there is a glitch and it really needs reviewed because many of our players are prepared to contact Apple and google seeking full refunds for fraudulent activity in the app.

    His user ID number is 13830240 can you verify his progression is 100% legitimate ?

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    Or he could've had a few billion resources in his inventory. But hey complaining and crying that you lost troops in the rally against him and now this is complete garbage on your part.

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    First post I was curious about mechanics ... wanted reasoning for it didnít want troops back.

    We know this player has no surplus he has sent screen shots of his inventory which are empty.
    Further to that we Zero his marches 3 times this month and zeroed him twice.

    His constant ability to rebound he claims is a glitch.

    As far as your trolling is concerned sapper... shhhh 😘

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    It still sounded in your first post you crying because you lost tons of troops and the others in the rally didn't. As far as this post you are still garbage as you really have no clue what one other person is doing with their account and to make legit complaint on forums just shows how garbage you really are.

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    I fully agree with Sapperdbl07.

    Not to mention it looks like you're trying to bait him.

    Evony won't take care of people with legitimate issues (lock outs, missing packs, etc.), so I wish you luck with the whining, as I see it going about as far as the end of this topic thread.

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    Dear Liege
    It seems that the player changed his name. Please let us know if you know his latest in-game name so that we could have a check. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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