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Thread: Battle mechanic explanation needed

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    Battle mechanic explanation needed

    So, this week we rallied a ~300m player, expectations were met with our victory. He had many t11/12 but we sent enough to combat this.(6m troop rally)
    But I need to know why when I sent a 2.6m general with a top 3 ranked refinement on our server I was the only player to do, so badly and lose an entire senior march when I sent similar to the other players ? This doesnít make any sense at all. Please see attached pictures; *i have since changed general items and it reflects on the report showing 2.1m not 2.6m which it was at the time.

    Here is the main report and 5 of the players contributions to rally. I clearly took the worst of the lot.
    What is the use of expensive refinement and general selection if itís so useless ?

    As an example all of my refinement is attack focused for troop attack, defence and hp. No wasted stats on sub city / load etc, and every single stat is around 60-99% or maximum more so towards the high end.

    This is a 5.5bn resource lost for troop production, not to mention a few thousand hours worth of speed ups?

    My user number is 13907989.

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    Dear Liege
    Our developer said that we need more information to analyze the battle. Please also provide the battle reports for the defender's side. So that we could have a further look. But Infantry troops are the first to be hit in the battles and in Rallies. But at the moment we still need more battle report screenshots to picture what actually happened. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    I gave you my user Iíd number and you have the time stamp of the attack why canít you check from there the full report ??

    Anyway we are well aware of what wins what. We know the ground will be attacked by his cav, so we sent lots of siege to kill his siege and archers to kill his many cav which would be running towards them.

    I donít have an issue with the mechanics of battle as such. I just want to know why I lost an entire march when others lost 10% of theirs ??

    Why do I have a 6bn bill to recover what I lost and they barely have anything ? If you look at the original 6 photos you will see I by far took the worst end of the battle by far

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    Dear Liege
    Our developer told me that usually the player with the highest power takes the most casualty among all rally armies. Because your troops charge first when your power is the highest. And all your troops are infantry troops that your troops were the first to fight. And the defender had over 5 million troops that it had to be a hard fight. Thank you.

    Best Regards

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    Well that makes no sense what so ever because on power ranking I am behind vader, bossninja and mrbrady.

    They have 450 / 300 / 200m power where I was 110m.

    I also sent roughly the same composition as they did. So why did all of my troops die/ wound and theirs did not... ?

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