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Thread: Where are the bosses?

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    Where are the bosses?

    Every time an event ends, the boss spawning drops to nearly nothing. At one point there was an update that was supposed to increase the spawn rate of the bosses, but since then, it's like it has decreased. And it gets worse and worse every time an event ends. And the events are getting to be a joke too with "double spawn". The spawn rate during the event is about the same as it used to be during non event times. Can someone please fix this? We rely on these bosses to help our alliance grow. Please fix it.

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    Dear Liege
    Our developer said that the spawning rate is a contant number. But it doesn't ensure that you get stable re-spawns. It just like rolling a dice, you have one sixth chance to get 6 but you don't get it constantly once per 6 rolls. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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