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Thread: Nothing can prove Evony failure. Evony cannot prove correct reports...

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    Nothing can prove Evony failure. Evony cannot prove correct reports...

    For a year I have faithfully played this game. I have watched as glitches stole inventory from me, dropped my truce agreements, causing me to be attacked and loss of troops and resources. When this happens, I have to spend more money to try and repair the damage caused just I can still be competitive on my server.

    I have brought this to customer service many times and they have given me only 1/8 of what I have lost. I have asked them to please check the code on my game because I know not all accounts do this. There are plenty of accounts that have never had an issue. This, as I understand it from developers I know outside of this game, that they will randomly pick accounts to write in a code to cause issues. They monitor the ones that spend money mainly. I find this to be immoral and should be illegal.

    But, when I do bring this up to Evony’s customer service I am told , in not so many words, that I am a liar. They say their reports are correct even though I show them proof that they are not. Then they ask for me to tell them what was lost, so I spend days working out the totals of what the game has taken, just to be told they cannot give me what they took. Instead I am offered one 99$ pack.

    So I try to compromise and tell them that several packs would cover much of what I lost, but since they do not except my proof and they can not prove to me that their reports are not changed, fixed or incorrect, I tell them 3 packs is about half of what I lost and I will except that as compensation as long as my game is coded correctly.

    They told me it was one pack or nothing. I ask simply why and my email gets deleted. I have now asked daily for an explanation just to have my messages deleted. The reps name is Dong and they have been very rude and I cannot believe that they treat their customers the way they do. Civil suits have been talked about in regards to this, but I just wanna play the game and not lose everything I pay for.

    So, since Dong has decided to be rude, argumentative and a flat out liar... I WANT EVERYTHING BACK. I have fought this for over a year now and I am tired. I am so tired of the run around that they give you. I am tired of the lies they feed you and I am very tired of being told that I am a liar.

    RETURN EVERYTHING or at least contact me and we can work out a comparable choice as to what I am owed and you have to stop the glitching within my game. I have tried to do this with customer service, but I have no been forced to move here. Fix my account and give me back my loss,

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    Hey, at least support didn't help someone steal your account!!! See my thread below yours!!

    Wanna start a class action???

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    I’ve spoken to a lawyer already. He said it’s definitely something to think about, but honestly, I just want my stuff back or my money back. As many people that Evony has stolen from will make a Class Action suit destroy the game even worse. I just don’t understand why they don’t just fix the issues, be honest with customers and stop stealing money from us.

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    Have you read the terms of service as you agreed when you signed up for the game to binding arbitration.

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    Yes. But it said nothing about them allowing them to let failure in coding take my money.

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