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Thread: Locked out of game

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    Apparently not only is there a facebook login issue from yesterday, but now there is also an Apple login issue. The Evony developers need to either cancel the the SvS or bubble everyone until the issues are resolved. This could be disastrous for them financially as many will quit if they are zeroed because they cannot login.

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    How do you check visitors messages?

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    Yeah I have thousands on the line here, no joke. Please just bubble everyone

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    Yup, can't log in on iPhone either..... My Bluestacks google login seems to be working, but not iOS

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    Evony should bubble us. I think it’s them making changes and now aren’t compatible with IOS

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    I cant also logon im also at server 49 and id paulus-
    And also logging in with iOS
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    Go to your profile and click on visitor messages I believe

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    S55 is experiencing mass lock outs as well. With just over 29hrs to svs this is bullshît

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    Quote Originally Posted by SassyTigress View Post
    Go to your profile and click on visitor messages I believe
    If your account is only linked to GameCenter it won't help...

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    There are no messages in the visitor section.

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    Same for me on server 77, goodbye to all my blue subs cause Evony has broken something....

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    Is there anything we can you do to get back into the game bubbles are about to drop server war is starting and nobody can login it seems to be iPhone and iPad users more so than android please somebody advise me how to fix this so that I don't get zeroed out for something that isn't my fault

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    This is funny how everyone is so addicted to this game even after all the screw up evony has made. People continue to spend even with this unstable platform.

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    Is there no customer service here? There’s no evidence that evony is even trying to fix this problem.

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    Everyone with an apple is locked out. Please get us unlocked, bubble all of us until you can figure this out. Most of us have lots of $$ invested in this game!!

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