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Thread: On going glitches and pathetic customer service

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    On going glitches and pathetic customer service

    I have been playing Evony now for over a year and I have lost so much money on one account due to issues ranging from truce agreements either not taking when they are set or the game taking it down early or at server reset. I have either never received inventory I have purchased or, inventory is taken from me. I have tracked these things for the last 6 months at least. I have spoken to customer (non)- service about these things and yes, I have demanded they return EVERYTHING I have lost. They have credited me not even one quarter of what I have lost.

    Call me a gluten for punishment, but even after losing the money I have, arguing daily with customer service (if the donít just delete my email) and the time wasted with them, and their complete lack of any type of true resolution to the gameís glitches, I continue to play. I enjoy the game very much, but these constant glitches and lack of retribution on the part of customer service is becoming thievery.

    You take the money easy enough, but do not compensate when your game decides to pick an account to glitch constantly. Case in point...

    Just the other day you stated I set a 24 truce. I paid for one. But it only set for 8 hours. You said I attacked while I slept. Your system is wrong and again it has cost me even more money to try and repair the damage to my account.

    I want either everything, and I do mean everything I have lost or, I want my money back.

    I know it is this account and not every account. Many I know have no issue of any kind and other accounts I have do not have this problem. So this one account has been corupt from the beginning and I deserve true resturbution. I have been ignored by customer service and will continue to find other avenues in which to get back the money that have been stolen by Evony, unless I get back all thatís lost.

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    You're not the only one with this problem.

    I have experienced the EXACT SAME THING.

    And I know many others that have as well - most of them are moderate to heavy coiners.

    You should consider yourself lucky, as I have received LESS THAN 1-percent of what has been STOLEN FROM ME.

    Furthermore, James has even admitted to some of these losses, yet done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO CORRECT OR RESOLVE THESE ISSUES.

    Evony has world-wide exposure, is played virtually non-stop by players from every continent except Antarctica, yet employs a single person here who is present at best for a few hours, 5-days a week.

    I've even went so far as to outline MULTIPLE BUGS (code-errors) in their app., yet no effort is made to correct these BUGS, as they persist update-after-update.

    James even had the gall to try to intimidate me, by stating HERE IN THIS FORUM, that if Evony's developers could not verify any more of my BUG reports, that they would stop responding to my topics.

    Keep collecting your data and information. Eventually a Class Action will evolve from this and we'll have what's needed to hang these thieves and in turn, purge and make the gaming world a much better place.

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