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Thread: Generals and skills

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    Generals and skills

    I am still foggy on how Generals and their skills work. Especially when it comes to Generals leading sub cities. If I attach a skill book with 15% increase, does it only apply to the troops in the sub city? So for example, if I have the sub turned on and I send it in an attack and the general leading it has a skill of “increase ground hp by 15% when general is leading army” - does that skill apply to just the sub’s troops, or does it apply to all troops in the attack?
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    General skill books on subcity generals will apply to the troops only in that specific subcity during battle. They will not effect your main city troops and will not change your buff numbers.

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    What's not correct, Piro? And can you correct it for us newbies? Don't leave us hanging like that lol.

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    can someone answer the question? smh

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    Originally Posted by Regina
    Greetings from a high schooler, I'm going to become a student at First Nations University of Canada and
    hire essay writer for my grant. Is it worth cultivating generals more? What are the easiest ways to get generals (except for the tavern)? Thanks.
    You may just leave them as subordinate city generals. I've Attila and John Paul Jones. John Paul Jones can boost cavalry as a Boss general though.
    Other possible ways to get generals:

    • Undead Event
    • 5th event pack
    • Top 100 in Allstar battlefield
    • Wheel Of Fortune
    • Kings Scheme
    • Gather Troops event
    • Kings Party

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