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Thread: Server migration

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    Server migration

    My husband wants to join the game and be in the alliance i am in. He ended up on a different server. I cant for the lofe of me figure out how to move him to the same server i am on. He is keep lvl 2 and still on his first day. Can someone please give a step by step walkthrough on how to get him switched over to a different server.

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    New accounts will receive a special item called a server migration teleporter. It can only be used within the first 30days of the accounts creation and BEFORE the account reaches keep level 6. Just have your husband go to map view and then world map to see his entire server. Then click the globe in the bottom left to see all the current servers. Have him locate your server and click on it to view. He can click on any spot on the map (have him find your alliance) click on it and choose teleport. Game will ask if you want to migrate to this server- say yes. Done.

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