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Thread: Account lost by Google Play

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    Angry Account lost by Google Play


    I just linked a new game to my FB account and when i did my phone wants to update Google Play.
    Update went along and my "NEW" game was linked to google, not FB.
    So now is my main game lost in space.

    Spent a lot on that game please fix it!

    Playername: SoulReaper
    Server 39
    ID: 13923821

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    Angry Fixed...

    I fixed by myself...thanks for nothing!

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    Yes Iím locked out and would love to know what you did since they never respond

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    We've been asking for a direct log-in link on the first page of the app. (like the other apps.), for over a year...

    ... that request has never been addressed.

    I've asked for which files contain the log-in information, so I could manually transfer them to my new device...

    ... James avoided providing anything remotely approaching an answer.

    And I've asked if there is a specific procedure on loading apps. to the new device, that would ensure being linked to my account...

    ... and again, that's been met like a room full of crickets.

    If I didn't know any better, I'd say it is a DELIBERATE ACT ON EVONY'S PART, knowing that delaying re-linking active accounts will result in people being wiped (zeroed) while they cannot access their account, which from Evony's perspective, is good for sales.

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