"more activity on forum"
- add announcements and updates (news and bugs)
- faster responding and activity on bugs and fixes
- be more visible for players

"faster support"
- user logs on server with facebook or gamecenter/google play (if ppl have lost acc)
- player(s) act like admin and give support with fixing critical bug rewarded with gems as payment
- more admins?

"game improvements"
- quest/ally quest rewards too low after the new updates (the 100 gems)
- lvl 4 monarch gear at lvl 30 market (if not added)
- from 500 - 600 cultivate points now generals can cap 30
- ally rally different lvl world castles with rss, despawn when destroyed (few castles around the map with long respawn time)
- server migration cost of ??$ (free every 3rd month)


You doing a very good job with the game progress,
alot of fun with other people around the world where
you learn each others cultures to know and share knowledge.
keep up the good work as i know you work hard to show
new people why they should play this game and ofcouse keep
the veteran players keep on going
hope my suggestions will be taken to discussion inside the team.