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Thread: Important: Update 2.2 and account lost recovery.

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    Tôi chơi Evony bằng điện thoại sử dụng phần mềm Android. Tôi bị mất tài khoản có Id: 44883885, tôi phải làm như thế nào để đăng nhập lại bằng Android?

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    I have deleted & reinstalled but my account 38477290 at server 212 not recovered... it is linked with my apple id

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snoopy View Post
    Ive done this multiple times and bave also contacted in-game customer support who were still unable to resolve this issue I contacted them the day it got deleted and they took 2 days to respond and by that time they were able to attack me cause my bubble dropped and stole 30 million of each resource. Will you please help me recover this account I don't know who else to contact. Account is 17079602 server 11 alliance. Ark.
    My username is demonguild on server 66

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    Hi something this morning my account unlinked from facebook It was working then just gone. My bubble is going to drop
    My id is 26344332 I am on server 107/150

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    Hi something this morning my account unlinked from facebook It was working then just gone. My bubble is going to drop
    Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin

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    All I know is you should be reimbursing all of us this happened to, I spent plenty of money on the game and you can't even keep it working right. Not happy about this

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    ID 49046503
    319서버 계정이 삭제됐어요. 복구 요청합니다.

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    buenas tardes cree una nueva cuenta y me parece que no la llege a vincular, comprobar que no esta vinculada. es un nivel 6 pilate2, esta ubicada en el servidor 416 y la llege a colocar en la alianza FUR. Sus cordenadas son K:0416 X:0383 Y:0282. Podias comprobar si no llege a vincularla y si es asi me la vinculais a esta cuenta: Ante de vincularla salio por error, y ya no pude vincularla ya habia metido dinero en ella casi 5 euros. A ver si me la podeis vincular, es que no se como podria entrar en ella

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    I have the exact same issue. I can not switch accounts.

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    The Facebook switch account is not working and is trying to link instead. Even after deleting the Facebook app and logging into one account on chrome it will not allow me to switch accounts. This started after the update and has still not worked. I am using an Apple product.

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    Por que não temos um monarca negro? Fica está pergunta. Eu realmente amo este jogo me sentiria melhor se eu fosse representado.

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    Hi my account title is Ertugrul786 which i lost due to accdently uninstall so how can i get it back. I never linked that account with facebook

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    Quelqu'un a-t-il une astuce pour le traducteur? j'ai désinstaller et réinstaller le jeu, j'ai fait la mise à jour, télécharger 4 logiciels différents pour essayer d'avoir la traduction sur le jeu, la traduction est bien activée dans mes paramètres. Que faire ?

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    I did all. But my acc is not connected to nothing 😭

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    My accout is not unlinked from facebook, please check it for me. My account ID is 63641830 on the sever 407

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