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Thread: Important: Update 2.2 and account lost recovery.

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    Lost Account

    My 5 year old son plays Evony on his Amazon Fire tablet and his account was not linked. His sister dropped his tablet and and we had to reset it. In doing this he lost his account. Could you help us get his account back and link it to his email. His account information is:

    Server: 1079
    Name: Greek Fire
    ID: 18812067
    Email Link:

    Thank you for your help. It is much appreciated.

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    Cont pierdut

    Numele meu pe server este miha3lla

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    Is anyone spent time for acc loss or everyone is posting for nothing???

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    Not able to login since last KE, everytime i try red WiFi sign appears, tried reinstalling the app 100 times.... nothing works.... please help 👍

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    I cannot get in either. If I delete the game on an android will I get it to reload?

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    Google hesabı kullanıyorsan oyununu Google hesabından aktif hale getirebilirsin Google hesabını kontrol et ve Google oyunları indir

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    I have lost my main lv39 account, i have my 2 alt accounts, but no main!
    I need this account asap as svs starts in 1 day!

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    I have sent emails, tickets and i am getting no response at all from evony 😡

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    Hello, could you please help me recover my acct on evony , this is the account number 143385670,Feirysway 2, thank you.

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    Iíve tried it that way and it still doesnít work please letís try another way Fierysway 2

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