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Thread: Important: Update 2.2 and account lost recovery.

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    application was mistakenly uninstalled and account was not linked to Google or Facebook.
    Is it possible to recover it?
    Nickname: pandoa
    Server: 1092
    Alliance: KK2
    Monarch Lebel: 17
    City level: 22

    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by levar77 View Post
    The switch account is acting like a link not switching the account even after following your instructions to the letter. It was fine until yesterday but all it does now is ignore whether I am not even logged into Facebook or even logged into a different Facebook account and just states “you previously logged in as ...” and loops back to same account. I even tried starting a new game then changing - but it still does the same thing. At present I now have each account on a different device - but one is a very old iPad and the battery doesn’t last. I can’t switch to my phone as that is “ looped” to another account and also won’t switch. Pleas3 resolve your switch option ASAP I cannot lug 3 devices around all day!
    Nox Succubus Anime VLC
    Ya that's true but sometime switching the game account leads to lost of data and i already used it on my three device till now

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    Здравствуйте. Помогите восстановить учётную запись : имя Reve nge Flow, ID 150959727, альянс SVG

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    My account are not open please help as.
    My server 1083
    My in game user name
    My in game user number 181844084
    Please help me evony and replay please
    Thank you

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    i lost my account, it wasn't connect with any thing but i know it's id

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    My id 132889054
    New id 206385807
    Server 789
    Can you please help me to recover my account I have sent screenshot on mail

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    Same issue as Lucky12
    Server 1118

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    I need help/guidance on how to solve the account linking problem. I don't know the reason why the account is no longer linked with Google Play. I don't want to lose my account. Name: Aze®cat, ID: 163606869, sever 974. I try send ticked to support but that don't work too.

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    Hi Admin,

    After I re-installed the app I need to create a new keep. After this creation on the same server as my normal account I wanted to switch to my normal account. For some reason it linked my google play account to the new keep instead of switching to my normal keep. Can you please link my google play back to the correct keep (K30)

    Server 879

    Main K30:
    ID : 147606676
    Name: 1_Arm_Bandit

    New K1:
    ID: 207316686
    Name : Monarch207316686

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    Lost account, customer service is the worst I've ever encountered, i miss my game so much. I don't suppose anyone can or will help me? Google "protect" also sucks, if i could log in with an email address this would have never happened. I gave them one star reviews with every email I have. I'm still holding out hope someone at evony can help but they all seem remarkably disinterested.

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    Hi there, My phone crashed and I lost my account data, I restarted evony and it created a new ID. Could you please help recover my old account as ,
    Old ID ???
    Old Username ZEDSLEDS
    Old Server 1200
    New ID 200746456
    New server 1194
    many thanks

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    Não consigo me conectar ao jogo por favor me ajudem

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    Hello, I lost access to an account while trying to link it with Google. I play Evony everyday and my son also wanted to play so I made a new account for him. When I tried to link it to Google, it linked to a new level 1 monarch. If you can, I would like you to link the id with Google as I have my account linked to Facebook. The account I need linked to my Google is
    Server: 1079
    ID: 208780991
    Name: HotShotBob
    Email Link:

    My personal account is a K32 that I have linked to my Facebook.
    ID: 181028752
    Name: Smoky Acres

    Thanks in advance for the help. I have attacked and taken all resources from my sons account because we have a server war coming up and I didn't want to lose what he has already built up. If you could link my sons Hotshotbob account to myGoogle email and leave my account linked to my Facebook it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Again!
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    Untuk evony, setelah pembaruan saya tidak bisa terhubung dengan akun saya user name Janeswara ID 196674822 Level 24 sever 1170, saya berharap bisa terhubung kembali,Terimakasih

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