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Thread: Important: Update 2.2 and account lost recovery.

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    Após atualização perdi o acesso a minha 2º conta!
    A conta estava vinculada ao Apple ID.
    como faço para recuperar?
    ID 182180579

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    Доброго времени суток. У меня тоже проблема с аккаунтом после переустановки игры. Есть ли возможность перенести утерянный аккаунт на другую учетную запись на другом устройстве?
    Old account Server 994 Player ID 166795991
    New account Server 994 Player ID 185170717
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    I uninstalled the application and reinstalled it.
    Can you please associate my account?
    Id : 184627116
    Server : 1099
    Alliance : FRW

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    I lost account 50725968 how can i get it back?

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    I uninstalled the application and reinstalled it.
    Can you please associate my account?
    Id : 167676215
    Server : 1000
    Alliance : STD
    Help me please...

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    Dears from 6 hrs trying to log on to the game and cannot finally i reinstalled but cant retrieve my data
    Server 882
    Alliance DNS
    Name Mighty M-!

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    Нет входа в аккаунт файсбук???что делать.????3года коту под хвост что ли!!!!

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    This is just so great a game to waste time and money on. Let me uninstall this. Enjoy everyone

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    Hello Evony Support team. Tried to switch devices around and hosed myself up (although Ed's account seems ok). Somehow both devices got the same account and unlinked my correct one from my phone.
    57116588 DanJackson Google Play PsychiatricBlue15 although it is currently linked to a brand new and switch account doesn't seem to do anything.
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    Récupérer mon compte

    Après avoir commencé à progresser sur mon deuxième compte j'ai voulu le sauvegarder et j'ai tout perdu.
    Je retourne systématiquement sur mon premier compte
    Que dois-je faire pour retrouver mon compte numéro 2
    C'est id193073862

    Mon premier auquel je ne joue plus est TIONEB.1.1 id181527358
    Aider moi svp

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    Hesabımı bilmeden sildim lütfen yardımçı olun 667. THR. big time farm

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    Здравствуйте потерял аккаунт не привязанный не к Фейсбук не к гугл
    Nickname: RomanovKZ
    Server: 1112 have fun
    City level:13
    Monarch level:17
    Monarch power: 1.1M

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