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Thread: Failed Updated cost me everything

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    Failed Updated cost me everything

    During the last update I was unable to click anything other than chat, settings, and items. I was logged in and sent support a series of messages that got no response warning them that my bubble was going to pop. Well it did, I lost all troops, and a blue sub. I finally got a response back from support that said sorry. Not acceptable. I sent mails to the developer with no response.

    Monarch ID16553938 server 65

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    Why is it that support won't respond, the developers won't respond, and I can't even get a response here? 20 others have had responses after I posted this? Do I really have to go through the redrediculous uculous process with Google to get refunds of my purchases? Im not scamming anyone here but this was a problem that the developers created by a failed update.

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    Still waiting... now I top of everything else I got no rewards from svs since I have no troops. How will this be compensated? Let alone everything else

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    Honestly i think none of us has had a response for a few days, we are just responding to eachothers threads, its depressing

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    I guess I'll keep waiting. For the Amoi t of no 1st players put into this game you'd think they would be responsive as they directly ties to MORE money being spent.

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    Support has gone completely silent except to tell amazon based people threat they can't do anything. Mine's a easy fix, compensate me for what I lost due to your failed patch

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    Dear Liege
    Our admin told me that in-game support reported your case and he has already sent the compensation. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Not even close. They revived dead troops. Nothing for the troops in the hospital, the blue sub lost, all of the rss and speeds lost during all this time. The gems and rss from missing out on svs. There needs to be satisfactory compensation for all of that.

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    Oh and they said sorry. Your support should be going above and beyond for the players that are spending money. Not ignoring for days on end when it is a problem YOU guys created and we have no control over. If there isn't an agreeable compensation ill continue with the incredibly annoying dispute with Google to refund all purchases made on my accounts.

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    Now somehow even though I have updated the in-game support case each day with no response they closed it. Am I just being screwed with at this point? This should embarrassing for you guys.

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    Still nothing? I opened a new support request asking why they closed the other one....guess what they closed that right away without messaging me. How is this possible. I emailed the developers, they won't respond.

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    Still waiting . I see others are getting responsed. Not sure why I'm not.

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    Would somebody please respond to this? This is rediculous. In-game support healed dead troops, did nothing for wounded or lost sub or everything I have lost in the meantime based on lost opportunities

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    5 in game support cases in a row closed without a reaponse. Wtf is going on with your game?

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    Why did they again close my in game support case without responding. I specifically asked for it to be escalated and responded to. What is going on here?

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