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Thread: Stam in the black market

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    Stam in the black market

    What is the since in haveing stam in the black market for 300gems when i can go buy it from the war section under items for 200? Its stupid and pointless you should make the stam in the black market maybe 150gems give it a reason to be there and more of a reason for people to buy them. Server 13

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    They do this on purpose to get you to waste gems.

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    After you buy 10 stamina packs, they go up to 400 gems each, and then a bit exponentially from there, so it actually is a good deal for heavy stamina users.

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    Actually there is a lack of stamina for all players, the bigger - level 24 and above - are trying to trade it. The game isn't playable without online purchase any more. I have information the EU commision is to classify this game as illegal gambling, as they did with the EA lootboxes. This means, it will be banned in Europe soon, the US will follow.

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    Its the same with construction and research helmet..1800 gems lvl 3..the same as 9 lvl 1 😑

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