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Thread: Alliance Warehouse

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    Alliance Warehouse

    Now that people need millions of RSS to do the new upgrades the alliance warehouse could do with some changes. The maximum amount that can be stored should be increased and that maximum should be per RSS rather than overall.

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    Think it can hold more the higher lvl keep you have + lvl 2..

    But i see its food everyone is needed for wall and keep upgrades..

    -Make sure you only fill food inside ally storage (+64,5M)
    -have max farms in city (+15M 12/h)
    -lvl storage the same as keep (25-75M)

    Team work:
    - lvl one by one (the rally person first)
    - help 1 person out with food to make upgrade to start (10 persons helping with 8m is equal to 80M rss / 1,embassy tax)

    Hope it help you a little


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