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Thread: game crashing when going to map

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    Angry game crashing when going to map

    User I'd BILLMAC,game still crashing when going to map when will fix be here running low in rss and other stuff due to not being able to farm other than in my city mode , please help again using RCA Viking pro tablet Android version 5.0 software, been like this since WONDERFULL Christmas update.

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    Same problem as bmac and EPlayer. I have he exact same system as bmac.

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    Same issue.since update I have not been able to shield, gather rss's, xmas goodies, nothing. As of today, I cant even log in at all. I have a kindle fire, 5th gen. Sending this through my phone as i cant log in.

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    Same problems logging in... I also have kindle fire, 5th gen. I log in ,15 seconds later back at tablet home screen.

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    I am having the same problems. It has been 12 days! I only get an automated response every couple of days, nothing from a deal person. So frustrating!
    Maleficent. from server 63

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    Dear Liege
    We are so sorry that we aimed to release the lag/crash hotfix last week but it is not ready to release yet. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    I sure hope you give good Compensation for those of us who have entered 2 WEEKS of this nonsense!!!

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    Hello maleficent I already ask for compensation they said they can't do it

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