Give us ACTUAL ways to GET said EXP. Your current methods(and the amount NEEDED to even ACTIVATE the fucking things) are retardedly atrocious. We shouldn't be forced into buying the christmas packages just to get exp. 99.9% of all monsters NEVER give a chance to have the tome drop for exp, and even if they do, 99.9% of THAT time, you get NOTHING. The resource tiles also do not grant them most of the time, even when listed. They should be GUARANTEED and A MINIMUM of 5k EXP PER Tile that is ABOVE Level 6, because it takes ages to farm resources that way. Also, the REAL way you should do it, is EVERY time a general leads an army and kills monsters/bosses, they gain spiritual animal EXP FOR the animal TO activate it. Get rid of the stupid tome money grab for it.