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    Angry Help!!

    Hi, Since the latest update this morning i cant get on my account, all it says is my network is down, ive got wifi on my phone and good signal so i know its not that, i started on server 81 yesterday, and now cant access my account, i forgot to link the account too and have already spent a good amount of money on it. Please help.


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    I bet that account is gone buddy. I'm sure you will have to reinstall the game when they come up with a fix.

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    No don't give up if you can get that your old id they can link it up it happened to me back on 72 you just got to be patient

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    I got it back guys, thanks for your responses.

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    How did you get it back?

    Are you using an iPhone or Android phone ?

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    Android, Contacted support with ID from my other server account and they sorted my issue out

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    What brand?

    Samsung or LG ?

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