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Thread: General Wallace GLITCH

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    I had a similar situation on server 80 as well I received 2 Fredrick the Greats and 2 Joan of Arcs from the first week purchase event, I don't think that probability is as random as you say your developers are telling you. I as well as seeing this as a major glitch, as there are quite a bit of other players on server 80 also that this exact same scenario has happened to. Please give us a status update as to your progress in investigating this issue, so that we may have peace of mind that the problem is being rectified so that it won't happen again.


    Server 80
    DES (Destiny)

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    It is now more than TEN days since this bug was reported. Please get back to me with a remedy.

    Some possible solutions:
    A. Remove Wallace 3&4 and additional duplicates, replace with new Epic tokens
    B. Remove Wallace 3&4 and additional duplicates, replace with new -random- Epics
    C. Provide me with 10 new Epic tokens and allow me to choose from results which Generals to keep/drop

    And please advise on the BEST PRACTICE for opening tokens. It is evident that opening more than one in same session will produce duplicates!

    ASAP please -- you are stopping my progress!

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