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Thread: General Wallace GLITCH

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    General Wallace GLITCH

    In server 80, the General award in the FirstWeek NewServer tiered purchase packs has given William Wallace 4 times to me & to many in my alliance. This is clearly a GLITCH!

    In-Game support has repeatedly been bad: not responding to the actual content of requests, dismissing requests without resolution, etc. -- Please contact me to discuss this, James.

    PID: 17675704
    IGN: elektra

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    This has happened to me too. I have 4 William Wallace’s ... if I could get another for one I’d be grateful..

    ID: 17690097

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    Dear Liege
    We will report this problem to our developers. Thank you.

    Best Regards

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    Thank you for escalating James.

    The response I had in game was "Generals are random" (closed). Four of the same isn't random when there are so many options... ^_^

    Please keep me informed as the investigation progresses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuBu-Incarnate View Post
    Thank you for escalating James.

    The response I had in game was "Generals are random" (closed). Four of the same isn't random when there are so many options... ^_^

    Please keep me informed as the investigation progresses.
    Dear Liege
    Our developer told us that it's not really a bug because Wallace is not a unique general. Players have one sixth chance to get this general during the Wallace sales time. Thank you.

    Best Regards

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    Thanks for that information James, those are great odds. However, this was NOT the Wallace event: it was FirstWeek New Server event, with tiered-purchase packs each day, and one of the days had an additional General-pack. Wallace #2,3,4 were consecutive awards.

    Please continue to review the logs and remedy this erroneous "luck" with proper Epic historic Generals.

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    Dear Liege
    Please tell us the time you Wallace so that we could get more information of this issue and have a further check. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Please check my logs prior to:
    18 December 10:41

    James, I also have a different issue prior to that time which received no resolution from IG-CS -- is it possible that I can contact you directly for that private issue?

    Thank you for continuing assistance.

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    Dear Liege
    Our developer told us that when Wallace is available. It will be working this way. The event will end when we start the Christmas events these two days. Thank you.

    Best Regards

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    James -- I understand that Wallace is offered in a certain timeframe and is a random result.

    What I am saying -- and the faulty issue here -- is that when I opened 3 general tokens at the same time, in the same session, I was awarded Wallace #2,3,4 -- 3 of the exact same in sequence is not possible in any random generator algorithm where there are this many variables. It is a scientifically proven impropability.* And therefore, this is a glitch/bug and therefore the bug needs to be remedied.

    My suggested remedy is to check that code, find the bug, fix it -- then remove the 3 erroneous Wallace's from my roster and replace with new EHGen tokens. If the code is clean, the new tokens will then yield true random results.

    *If Dev maintain this possiblity is actually reasonable, then give me that "random" generator: I'm going to Vegas with it!

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    James, please update me on the status of this. I am waiting to open many more general tokens until this is resolved -- holding up my progress!

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    Sorry to bother again, but my progress is blocked.

    I now have 7 general tokens to open and am afraid to do so until I am confident this glitch has been properly investigated...

    Please help James!

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    Now 9 tokens to open -- and holding until word from you.

    Please update this ticket with assurance that this glitch is identified & that you can replace the token if I get another "random" Wallace (or 10)!

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    James, bad news: duplicates problems continues and I am FURIOUS. I just opened a few more tokens and received additional duplicates.

    I have spoken with my Line groups (500+ experienced players from servers 3-40) and all agree this is a HIGHLY unusual situation -- never this MANY duplicates!

    Please contact me ASAP!

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    and please turn on the attachment feature so I can send the list of Generals, showing how many dupes I have. This is RIDICULOUS!

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