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Thread: Christmas update

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    Christmas update

    Can you tell me exactly what date this update will be released? I am traveling for Christmas and would like to know when I should plan on connecting to a WiFi hot spot to download the update!

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    Dear Liege
    It's updated by now. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by James0222 View Post
    Dear Liege
    It's updated by now. Thanks.

    Best Regards
    What game are you playing. We’re still on 1.86 here! He’s talking about version 2.0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fi5 View Post
    What game are you playing. We’re still on 1.86 here! He’s talking about version 2.0
    Dear Liege
    Oops. I didn't realize that it's a preview. It will be updated on 22nd. And here's the preview.

    Evony Christmas Version 2.0

    Dear Evonians,

    We plan to take Evony offline on December 22 at GMT from 5 AM to 9 AM to release the Christmas Version 2.0. Additionally, we will gift players with awesome updating rewards! (The rewards include: 2,000 Gems, 1M Food Chest x1, 1M Lumber Chest x1, 1M Stone Chest x1, 1M Ore Chest x1, 8 Hour Speedup x1, 12 Hour Speedup x1 and 24 Hour Speedup x1)

    Construction and Troop:

    -The Keep and other buildings can be upgraded to level 30.
    -Introduced higher tier troops and traps.


    -Players can train their Spiritual Beast in the new building Pasture to fight for your army! The Spiritual Beast EXP can be obtained from World Boss Ranking Rewards, Monsters and Resource Gathering.

    Art Hall:

    -The antique Artworks symbolize the ancestral civilizations. Go collect the Artwork fragments and craft your Artworks in the Art Hall, you will receive big surprises!

    Research Factory:

    -Players now can produce Equipment Materials in the Research Factory. Moreover, players can also produce the Research Stones used for researching higher level Technologies. There will be Historic Generals helping you with the Research Stone production by completing their quests.


    -When the related building reaches level 27, players can upgrade tier 10 troops to tier 11 in the new building Arsenal on the cost of some resources and time. We will also allow you to upgrade tier 11 to tier 12 in the future updates.

    Academy Technologies:

    -Introduced higher level Technologies in the Academy, as well as new healing type Technologies to strengthen players’ healing ability.


    -Increased Generals’ cultivating boost at the low cultivation value, so as to make small players more competitive.

    -During the Christmas Holidays, the Generals Amir Timur, Alexander Nevsky, Takeda Shingen, Li Shimin and Queen Jindeok will be available in the Tavern!

    -Introduced the rare Dragon Equipment for your Generals!

    Merry Christmas:

    -Many popular events will be available during the Christmas Holidays. The Christmas Sale will have an up to 8,000% Return!

    -Christmas Sale General, the Prince Rhaegar has his special skill Dragon's Inspiring: Increases Troop Attack by up to 10% when General is leading the army to attack!


    -Server War: Introduced Fire Spirits and Ares Statues during the Server War for players to visit and earn scores! Ares Statues can get you more scores but are harder to find. Additionally, the Alliance Leaders can buy a Truce Agreement on an unbubbled member. The buying amount limit every day is determined by the Alliance City Level.

    -Reduced the Undead Event’s time to 1 hour.

    -Added Research Stones to the Gold Sale Package.

    -Players now can get more Prestige from the Offering.

    -Players now can abandon a Relic.

    -Players now can get more materials from disassembling Equipment and Scrolls.

    -Introduced Level 11 and Level 12 Resource Spots.

    -Added more items to Black Market and Wheel of Fortune.

    -To make the City of Throne Titles more honorable, the Title Assigning CD is now 24 hours instead of 4 hours.

    -Increased the March Preset amount limit to 5.

    Best Regards
    Evony Team

    Best Regards

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    Connection error after the update!!
    Hi I can't log to my account since the update!!! I'm using truce and it will be over in 10 hour!! I will be destroyed if I couldn't get online soon!!!! I wiil demand a refund. Please fix this problem.

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    I am able to log in using my iPad but not my android - same account so I'm wondering if it's an android problem?

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    I cannot login after Christmas update for longer than two minutes then game crashes upon start up looks pixelated than goes to normal freezes then your able to mess around for like 1-5 seconds then it crashes and closes out. I'm getting attacked I'm sure once my bubble drops I can't even contact my alliance. I think I may just quit

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    Game initialized after update.ID 17760645

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    Having the same problem as Gormlaithe and dpward1974. Game crashes and pixelated advert graphics.

    ID: 10524413
    Server 8
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    Não consigo jogar depois da atualização de natal, tenho duas contas, uma no servidor 6 e 66, ambas estão praticamente travadas. O jogo de vocês é o melhor do estilo, mais depois da atualização, estou quase 72 horas sem jogar, o prejuízo é grande, pois outros jogadores estão evoluindo, enquanto alguns de nós não conseguimos ficar no jogo, mais que 3 ou 4 minutos e o mapa quando carrega, trava logo em seguida!

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    Game keeps crashing after update!

    ID 10538707
    Server 8
    Monarch name dpward1974
    Android 5.0

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