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Thread: Adv. Waybills & waybills

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    Adv. Waybills & waybills


    I am writing this message to ask the evony team and/or any knowledgeable player.

    Hows come the adv. waybills &waybills are no longer available. I have bought packs, and took part in events, killed bosses and monsters, explored relics and collected rss at tiles.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    If this an event only item then suggest they should be bought in alliance store as well.
    Thankyou, DarkAmbition

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    Waybills/advanced waybills are sometimes part of prize packages during special events or included in special purchase packs. They are not given in drops from basic activities like bosses/monsters or gathering/exploring.
    You can also purchase them in the black market for gems, or win them on the wheel. In my experience this is the only way I have seen them offered.

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    What is lvl25 march power eny one she set

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