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    Useless CS

    I strongly recommend donít bother with Evony useless fucks because they will not get you anywhere. they are lazy ppl. Better contact Google Play or Apple instead and ask for refunds. Ask Evony First and then ask to state a reason for the answer and forward it to Google Play or Apple and they will refund your money on Evony expense. Good luck everyone. Hope you will be smarter and leave this game for good coz its pure Sh1t...

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    iím Strongly recommend to Report Evony to Google Play or Apple for their poor service glitches and failure to help. Ask for refund ppl it can go up to 1 years expenses. For Evony to not respond for your tickets as they stated in 2 working days they are breaking their own Terms and conditions. i read their terms and conditions and Evony will not refund a cent themselves but itunes and google play will. Donít forget ppl you are all customers and customers always right.

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    How do I go about getting refunded for my account via iTunes? Iíve not done this before.

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    This customer service is atrocious with little result. They appease at best but never fix except if you are the highest spenders on the servers.

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    NOT sure how itunes does it but sometimes Apple is pretty easy going. if single refund for last payments you can get it with no problem if its less than 7d choosing to refund in google play. but if for more then you need to phone them directly and talk with them. iíll keep updated after they give final decision.

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