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Thread: James and administration

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    James and administration

    I need instant help. I have spent too many days waiting for responses. I will keep posting in the forum until my problem is solved. Apple support has been contacted. A supervisor with Apple is now investigating y’all practices. I provided a receipt to verify my account and am told that your receipt is vague. Apple informed me that I can reverse the full 12 months of in game purchases totalling over 8900$ Since y’all are disputing the validity of purchases made on the account. I want my account access given on the monarch id I provided.Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Info please fix my account access.

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    Dear Liege
    I already gave instruction on what image we need. The first one is not clear. Please take another one, and the second one doesn't have any date that we could not check. Why not just take another screenshot. If you cannot access the Google Play or iTunes Account, we cannot help. Thank you.

    Best Regards

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    I will request refund of all monies paid on this game also. Can you tell me your procedure ?

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