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Thread: K30 - half my server is quitting

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    K30 - half my server is quitting

    I hope you are happy. You have pretty much killed the game. Three people in my alliance VIP 17+ have decided to quit the game tonight, because of this outrageous money grab that is going to make t10 troops obsolete. People will have to invest thousands of dollars more immediately to be competitive. I personally will never spend abother penny here, unless you reconsider. And I usually rank top 5-10 in SvS, and other monarch events. I understand the update to make everyone work more on their research, but this is too much. S49 is going to be dead by Christmas. The developers of EVONY are making a money grab just like Game of War did, and they never got their business back.

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    Indeed! I'm done with this game, if/when this goes through.

    Our server is about half the size of initially was, when it started. The biggest reason for this, is the disparity between the handful of bigs (all in the same alliance, mind you), and us middle tier players.

    Most will simply not be able to afford to upgrade any further, and I'm sure some of us who can, simply will choose not too. I can't even imagine the time needed to do this.

    Thanks, devs! You just killed a good thing!

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    Im a fellow s49'er (different alliance). Yeah our top coiners will be quitting as well. This new upgrade has everyone in an uproar. I think a better idea would to have been to hire some competent customer service agents, fix the current problems instead of making new ones

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    Coiner here quitting. Bye evony.

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    На 35 тоже бросают игру и за 30 лвл отмените обновление

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    268 days to go from k29 to k30! Hahahahahahahahahahaomgwtfhahahaha.

    Yep. I'm done.

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    Yea, I believe a out 20 big coiners who were very active players quit in the last week in our server as well. There is no check and balance with this new update; you either spend $20k to stay relevant, or just start playing Farmville here.

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