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Thread: Keep 30

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    Keep 30

    Ok so I get why you wanna do keep 30 but how many servers are dying down we on 13 have 4-5 alliances thatís it a merge would of been better to do 1st not keep 30

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    Yup even new servers are dying just a few months after creation. Now k30 lol. The plan to kill evony i's complete.

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    Как быть простому игроку, мы не когда не прокачаем 30 лв, вы подумайте про всех игроков 30 не кому не нужен

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    Я согласен за слияние серверов

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    Keep 30 resource requirements are killing our server too. We just finally gained some ground and started bringing in New players from other games too.

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