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  1. Show Alliance Honor for applicants, Chat Room for R4 & R5.

    1. It would be great to be able to see the alliance honor of the applicants to help determine if the applicants are first time joining alliance or if they have joined an alliance before.

    2. A...
  2. Several Suggestions to the game: Data Export function & Server / Game Time

    Hi Dev,

    Would like to suggest the below:

    1. Allow an export function of the alliance members list to Excel file for easier administration of the group.

    2. Give a clock or time for the game,...
  3. Replies

    Separate the Types of Reports

    Hi Devs, would like to suggest that you separate / allow filter / search function for the reports, such as Scouting, Battle Reports, Farming & other reports.

    Was looking for my battle reports...
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