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    Sticky: Please Read First

    I have since figured out how to get it working, my only problem now is the sleeve ive bought has broken open twoards the back and is kinda crumbling near the opening
  2. Thread: King's Return

    by KamBuisy

    Kings Return

    The undead army is only a snipet of the full force. Im sure someone will be able to provide you with the full force listing. If not, give me a shout and I can email you it.
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    Hold off on Street Fighter IV until this Spring. Super Street Fighter IV will be coming out with new characters, bonus stages, and more online options. And it will be at a lower price than SFIV came...
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    big fan of JLs as well. they are clean and sound great. depends on the box really but for the most part smooth hitting.
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    Account Reconfigure

    I also wanted to know that information, and I found it looking at my email. I found the message that Riot sent me when I create my account. I hope this can help u
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